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Erzsébet von Kontz

Your life is your stage. Design, create, control, activate it with smartandnoble!

  • Y      Yes! to yourself: create and practice your personal stage
  • O     Outline yourself and your personal message
  • U     Underline your persona, communicate:

                                                         - Design and create content (your personality)

                                                         - Control your stage (Manage your self)

                                                         - Manage your Manners and Appearance



             „Good conduct will reflect your power and status, and create authentic personal self-assuredness.”

Improve your private life

Learn how to…

- introduce yourself

- speak up

- dress to impress- but the right way

- network

                            …and much more



Programs and offers

tailored to your specific needs:

- individual, corporate, executive

- seminars

- workshops

- courses

- VIP-days



Improve your business and career

- presentations, your personal presence

- introductions

- meetings

- presence with style

- action plan & team building

                                  … and much more

What you can train and master with us

                                    “Trust the process but control what you can” (Andreas Kovács)

Why smartandnoble?

Do you want success in private, business and your career?  Rules of conduct, manners etc. make the difference at any level.  Do you know the angst before and in social situations? Good, it is probably worse if you have none at all! On your road to success, we fill in the blanks or your black spots of this kind together with you, so you own the know-how you’ll need.  Here’s a fraction of the question catalogue that we’ll work on (fun included):


Are you weary to speak up in meetings, social gatherings, etc.?

Do you know what to wear, when and how?

Do you know how introductions work?

Do you know how to network?

Are you preparing for an invitation?

Are you an ’Expat’ in Europe? Do you want to profile yourself socially with good/top manners?


Your behavior refinement in business and in private is key to your success.  Get to your next level with Erzsé and team, be the influencer and leader you wish to be, capitalize on your social skills. Fun included!



“Other people’s trust is your most valuable capital.  You earn it with good conduct.”






Erzsébet von Kontz

How smartandnoble works?


- Programs specifically tailored to your individual needs. These programs may accordingly be designed for 3 months  to 1 year periods.

- One occasion programs, including consultations on specific questions, and VIP days,



- Workshops and seminars designed according to specific need.

- Notifications about packages and publicly offered programs on Facebook.


Languages: English, German, Hungarian



-  Assessment:  Together, in a first coaching session (free, approx. 45 minutes), we assess your needs.

- Design: We design your specific Training/Consulting/Coaching proposal, to agree with you on the program.

- Implementation: usually to include Information, practice and the act-it out (fun) factor.


                         “Get the feedback on your social skills, capitalize!”


Erzsé has the set of skills to support you while developing and refining your personal stage in business and in private. Beyond studies in psychology and aesthetics her trainings include impro theater methods, which adds some fun too.




                            Meet Erzsé




Irina Prinzessin von Isenburg

Ambassador Peter Kraft

(Kraft & Associates)

Dietrich Freiherr von Gumppenberg (PR-entrepreneur and Politician)

"I think Erzsé is ideally suited for the task she has set herself and I am looking forward to new joint projects!"

"Diplomacy and handling rules are essential for social coexistence to the nuts and bolts in the modern world too. I like to encounter Erzsé in this regard particularly. I think her coaching, consulting and training project will be definitely useful for many people."

"Erzsébet von Kontz will certainly coach clients excellently with her sophistication in aesthetics, diplomatic and intercultural communication knowledge."



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Lydia Skene

(Lydia Skene Coaching and Training)

Anya Countess von Hatzfeldt

"Erzsé von Kontz’s skills are present in many fields that she  brings in wonderfully in training for personal development and how to properly behave in professional but also in private life."

"I know Erzsé von Kontz’s attitude and skills very well and can hardly imagine anyone better for coaching and mentoring the art of behavior."




Erzsébet von Kontz

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